1. Article 1 (Point deduction)

    1. Details of the penalty are as below.

      1. Extra charge

        Forcing customers to tip

        Deduct 1,000,000 Point

        Receive tip

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Request additional fare

        Deduct 1,000,000 Point

        Receive additional fare

        Deduct 1,000,000 Point

      2. Service Quality& Attitude

        Not giving change

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Sleeping inside tuktuk on public area

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Playing mobile, during a trip.

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Do not overload the customer

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Non Operating on Core time

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Driving a mismatched vehicle in KOKKOK Hero

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Drunk and Drive

        Deduct up to 10,000,000 Point

      3. Vehicle Management

        Losing the Key

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Unapproval Copy Key

        Deduct 100,000 Point

        Smoke inside TUKTUK

        Deduct 1,000,000 Point

        EV TUKTUK Intentional Vandalism

        Deduct up to 2,000,000 Point

      4. Others

        Renting to unauthorized persons

        Deduct up to 2,000,000 Point

        Ask to customer for cancel trip for receiving fare without app

        Deduct 1,000,000 Point

        Bring customer to battery charging station

        Deduct 100,000 Point

    2. Upon detection of each subparagraph in paragraph 1, points will be deducted from the Hero's points, and deductions can occur in duplicate.

    3. The company will notify the Hero of the deduction.

    4. Your access to KOKKOK Hero may be restricted due to the following actions in this paragraph. This constraint will be implemented after the points have been settled.

      1. Forcing customers to tip

      2. Requesting additional fare

      3. Asking customers to cancel trips for receiving fares without using the app

      4. Renting vehicles to unauthorized persons

      5. Drunk and Drive

  2. Article 2 (Claim)

    1. If there are objections to point deductions, the Hero may submit a claim to the company.

    2. Objections must be raised within 3 days of receiving notification of the deduction from the company.

    3. When raising objections, reasons for objection and evidence must be provided.

    4. After reviewing the appeal, the company shall directly notify the Hero of the results.

    5. If the appeal is not upheld, the Hero may not further contest the point deduction.

  3. The latest update date: 29th Mar, 2024