Section 1. Move Service

  1. Article 1 (Insurance)

    1. For the purpose of compensating for damage caused by accidents during the use of the Move service, the company may sign a contract with customer as the insured and the company as the contracting party, and the customer agrees to this.

    2. The details of the contract are governed by the insurance policy, and matters not provided for in this terms of insurance are governed by the insurance company.

    3. The Hero providing relevant service to the customer is insured with insurance but also is responsible for any damage that is not compensated by the insurance policy.

  2. Section 2. KOKKOK Service

  3. Article 2 (Customer's Obligation for Damage)

    1. Customers are obligated to prove the value of goods. The proof can be provided through:

      1. Submission of the receipts issued at the time of the goods' purchase.

      2. Submission of invoice issued by the seller.

      3. Submission of estimates or Quotes prepared by experts.

      4. Submission of any other documentation proving the value of the goods.

    2. In cases customers fail to fulfill the obligations under the first paragraph in Article 1, there may be limitations on compensation.

  4. Article 3 (Criteria for Damage Compensation)

    1. The amount of compensation for damages will be determined as follows:

      1. Total or Partial Loss: The documented value of the goods provided by the customer.

      2. Repairable Damage: Actual repair costs (After service costs).

      3. Irreparable Damage: Same as subparagraph a) above.

    2. However, the Hero shall not be liable for claims in the following cases:

      1. Improper packaging by the Customer.

      2. Customer attempts to deliver prohibited/restricted items against the guidance provided by the Hero.

  5. Article 4 (Period for Damage Compensation)

    1. The Hero will compensate the customer within 14 days from the date the customer submits the required documentation under Article 1. However, This applies only if the supporting documents are authentic.

    2. However, this period may be extended in the following cases:

      1. Investigation required for the circumstances of the incident.

      2. Delays in determining the amount of damages.

  6. The latest update date: 1st Mar, 2024