1. To ensure safe delivery, the company provides customer with insurance to protect the customer's property from loss and damage that may occur during delivery.

    2. Price of insurance is as follows:

      1. 06:00 ~ 20:59 : 1,000 ₭

      2. 21:00 ~ 05:59(Next day) : 2,000 ₭

    3. The following items may be rejected if the company determines that they cannot be delivered:

      1. Hazardous, explosive, flammable and unsafe items

        • Power banks

        • Gas

        • Fire work

        • Oil

      2. Cash, cards and equivalent document

        • Credit cards

        • Debit cards

        • Cash cards

        • Bond

        • Bearer forms

        • Negotiable instruments

      3. Illegal items and substances

        • Toxic chemicals

        • Narcotic

        • etc.

      4. Live animals and body part

        • Dogs

        • Cats

        • etc.

      5. Human remains or body part

      6. Valuable items

        • Gold bar

        • Silver bar

        • Tax stamps/stickers

        • Precious metals/stones

      7. Real or imitation weapons

        • Firearms

        • Weapons parts thereof

        • Explosives

        • Ammunition

      8. Pornographic material

      9. For items not included in 'a) through h)', the company will determine whether to proceed with delivery.

    4. The company may take legal action against the customer who requested the delivery of the undeliverable goods specified in ③.

    5. The following goods can be delivered, but insurance cannot be applied:

      1. Any unpacked / loose items that can easily be damaged in transit

      2. Documents

        • Passport or other official ID

      3. Fragile

        • Products made of glass(e.g Beer, Alcohol, Wine, Vase, etc..)

        • Ceramics

        • Flowers

      4. Food

        • Meat

        • Seafood

        • Kimchi

        • Ice

        • Chilled and frozen foods

        • Milk and other dairy products

        • Cakes and desserts

        • Fruits and vegetables

        • Egg

      5. Used electronic device

        • Laptops / Computer

        • Smartphone

        • Printer

        • Air conditioner

        • Refrigerator / Freezer

        • Microwave

        • Washing machine

        • Dispenser

    6. The company will compensate 20% of the value of the product, but not exceed  700,000 Kip.

    7. In case the customer wants to raise coverage more than 700,000 Kip, you needs to contact the Insurance company directly.

    8. Insurance is guaranteed only during the delivery.

    9. Insurance doesn't cover cases of storing parcels in Lao smart mobility office, when the recipient can't contact service provider.

    Responsibility for Loss/Damage

    1. Procedure for claiming the compensation for loss/damage is as follows:

      1. The customer shall inform a claim for compensation for loss/damage within 3 days after the completion of goods or items delivery. If the claim is made after the period above, the company shall not be liable for such loss/damage.

      2. The assessment of damage shall be in accordance with the liability under goods except not applied and prohibited items mentioned in this policy.

      3. Any claim must be sent to +856 20 55 355 159 via Whatsapp. It must contain the following information.

        • Delivery number

        • Contact details of Customer/Recipient

        • Proof of payment or receipt

        • Photos of damaged materials

        • Value of goods

        • Copy of bank account

      4. The damage assessment of each case shall be finalized within 7 working days from the date the claim is received.

    Irresponsibility for Loss/Damage

    1. The company is not responsible and shall not be held liable for loss/damage as follows:

      1. Loss/damage in transit or non-delivery by reason of package information incorrectly entered by the customer using KOKKOK service.

      2. Inaccurate delivery details (e.g. recipient’s name, contact details, and delivery address, phone number) entered by the customer using KOKKOK service.

      3. Reasons beyond our control (damage due to natural disasters and force majeure, etc..).

      4. Item/property already damaged/defective/changed before the start of the delivery.

      5. Loss or damage of goods stored in the company.

      6. Discarded parcel after being stored  for more than 5 working days.

  1. The latest update date: 25th Oct, 2023